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Project Description
This project consists of a simple VB .Net application created with Microsoft Visual Studio® 8 as well as a Gadget for Windows Sidebar which was written in HTML and JScript.

The .Net application retrieves temperature data from a Parallax temperature-sensor device and writes this data to a file on the local disk. A script in the gadget’s HTML file reads the contents of this file and displays the temperature in the Sidebar.

The temperature sensor used by this application is based on the BASIC Stamp Activity Kit for Windows Portable Devices. This kit is offered by the Parallax Corporation in Rocklin, California

To get started, click the Source Code tab and download the file VB_DotNetSidebarGadget.doc which is found in the Documentation folder. This Word document describes the entire project (both the Visual Basic .Net application and the corresponding gadget for Windows Sidebar).

After you've read this document, create a new folder on your development machine and download the files and folder found in the VBSource folder.

Before you build and run the application, you'll want to install the gadget for Windows Sidebar, build the temperature sensor device, and install its driver. Refer to the Word document for the necessary instructions. (The gadget is found in a folder of the corresponding name on the Source Code tab.)

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